Making Music

I have been making music. I have also been making musical instruments.

Take, for example, the Rhythm Stick:

All you have to do is take a broom stave like this:

Broom Staff

Screw a rubber foot to the one end, protecting it and providing a little weight. To the other, add washers (I have lots of them lying around, it was quite easy to find enough) or whatever else you like.

Washers Rubber Foot

And voila! A stick which you can shake or hit on the ground, and it rattles. Much less than a tambourine, which is designed to make a big sound, but more than a hi-hat. Ideal for small rooms and acoustic settings. It’s more or less what I wanted, although I have some ideas for developing it. It’s not a stomp fiddle, but it’ll do.

The other big project I’m trying out is a Tea Chest Bass. Not having a tea chest to hand, I got my hands on a crate. Unfortunately, the crate was large enough not only to conceal a full size bass, but also the bass player.

Big Crate

I’ve started to take the chest apart. It was glued, stapled and then screwed together. I took all the screws out, then gently forced the panels apart. There’s enough here to make a smaller chest, and plenty left over.


I hate to see even half decent materials go to waste, so the next task is to decide what I can make with the leftovers. Well, after I’ve finished having a go at the chest bass. Maybe a lid for the trailer to stop water pooling in the tarp.


One Response to Making Music

  1. Jimm Rennie says:

    If you’re stuck for ideas for the leftovers, how about making a caj√≥n?

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