Defining Success

This is not an inspirational post. Or at least, not intended to be. I’m hardly disadvantaged by my own estimation.

But I wanted to acknowledge and celebrate a little milestone. I had an e-mail from Kickstarter this week congratulating me because exactly a year ago I’d successfully concluded the campaign for No Dice, and it was fully funded.

No Dice Logo

Bear in mind the average Kickstarter project might take months or years to set up, run for a month and then take another few months to even get off the ground properly let alone send out all the rewards and so forth.

In this last year I have successfully shipped all the No Dice games to the backers, sold some of the excess stock, pre-sold and shipped out the No Dice SINISTER expansion deck, invented and tested a second game which was then successfully Kickstarted as well, and shipped all of those out.


I have four games in various stages of development as I write. Between the carrot one, the pirate one, the rpg-in-a-tin and the Viking one, there’s plenty to work on for my next original game massive vanity project.

Many thanks are due to a number of superheroes who have helped me so far. Pete K, Jimm R, Vincent C, Chris “multi-buy” K, Mikey (antipodean field office), and the other Mikey, Scott K, Chris A, The Offline Gamer podcast (Cheers Matt), and everyone else who backed, played, tested and promoted the games and generally made me feel like I could do this.

This is all the success I have ever wanted. Just to publish the games and know they’re on other peoples’ shelves and even occasionally getting played. Hurrah!


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