Making Sperm

One of the joys of educating in a home environment is the making of models. School had encouraged this anyway but with the ball firmly in our court, we can call some shots and have some fun.

Cue a morning trip to Hobbycraft to pick up some bits and pieces. A model sperm should consist of the head and the tail but a clearer look shows the head has a distinctive shape which is more pointed at the front and has a bit at the rear where the tail connects. So we’re wandering around Hobbycraft looking for suitable materials and stumble on pipe cleaners for the tail. Excellent. Then polystyrene eggs for the head and eventually cotton reels from their budget range for the connecting bit. Hurrah. See the photos for all the gory detail. Working with Son 3, I did a red one and he did a blue one.


It’s silly fun things like this that help me to grasp things better and I hope it’s helping him too.


If I we’re to do it a again, I would find an easier way to colour in the egg than Sharpies. They dry quickly enough but until then it’s too easy to end up with ink all over your fingertips. And the glue to hold the bobbin onto the egg began to melt the polystyrene. Oops. No great drama in the end and we have the photos to prove the work was done.

2017-01-22-12-53-48 2017-01-22-12-54-38

Apparently my tail isn’t wavy enough, so we even got in a chat about viability and health and stuff. He’s learning, I’m learning, everybody’s learning. And I get to blog about sperm afterwards which a small childish bit of me finds hilarious to the point of inappropriate giggling.


We’re ready for our next modelling project now.


One Response to Making Sperm

  1. The best learning is when you can have fun and laugh. I am sure it is a lesson that will never be forgotten 🙂

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