New Game, UKGE, catching up and half an idea

Were I even halfway concerned about my audience (rather than this entire blog being largely a vanity exercise) I would open with a meaningful apology for my recent absence. The only issue with such an opening gambit is that I’m really not sorry at all. I’ve been rather busy. However, I have few things to share with you.

New Game

Nothing I need to sell this time, but feel free to have a crack at this little game. It’s not probably even original, but I’ve been working on an idea with my son based on a homework challenge from his maths teacher. Basically, the aim is to create a game which develops maths skills. So here it is. You will need an inexpensive clock you can place face up on a table or some other way of counting out twelve spaces, two dice (or three if you’re really pushing it) and a counter for every player.

Starting with 1, the first player rolls the dice and sees if they can make the target number with the values rolled. 1 is easy. 1 times 1, 2 minus 1, 3 minus 2, six divided by six, etc. Whatever the numbers rolled, there are over 25 ways of making 1 from a pair of dice rolled at random. If the player succeds in making 1, they move on to 2 immediately with a fresh roll. If they can’t make the next target number, the player places their counter on the last succesful number obtained and play passes to the next player on their left who starts again from 1. When play returns to them, the first player picks up with the same target number they failed to achieve last time, and if successful carries on until they can’t make the next target. The game continues until one person makes 12.

If you want a properly brain-frying version you can try to make it round from 1 to 24 hours using three dice, whereby you roll any three numbers and try to make the target number using them. It’s not exactly Countdown, but it’s fun. Head to head, it’s great because your opponent is costantly checking your calculations to make sure you’re on the level. It’s brilliant for rapid number work and mental calculations figuring out the ways you can make them dance to your tune. Have a go.

UK Games Expo

I went to the UK Games Expo again this year. Oh my goodness. Third largest games show in the world. More to follow out of that particular endeavour. 🙂

Catching Up

Some serious catching up is needed online, as a result of my busy-ness in “real life” and several things about the happen. The principal event I want to draw your attention to, respectfully, is the Asgard Games hack which is due to take place 22nd July this year. If you want to attend, there is a fee to cover costs and materials, but we’re registering interest in advance on Eventbrite here.

Half an Idea

I’m now halfway through planning out a cantata. Should be ready in a short while. Very exciting, being able to draw on differenty styles and sources to put it together. Hoping to make some significant progress int eh next few weeks. More on that if it ever happens.



3 Responses to New Game, UKGE, catching up and half an idea

  1. Mark Taylor Chameleon Music says:

    Hi AC,
    UK Games Expo – on my agenda now for next year…board game is now on it’s final draft…being created in the US as I type ready for the very last leg of playtesting!

    If it actually gets into a short production run, I’ll send you a copy!

  2. Mark Taylor Chameleon Music says:

    Bunch of Keys – some lovely chilled improvs with some seriously lush jazz harmonies in there!

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