The Albatross in the Driveway

I’m haunted. I’m haunted by the cars I have lost.

Well, nearly. I’m no longer in a position to maintain my car. It’s a lovely beast, but no longer fit for purpose.

I’m selling it, and some other things, to pay for the repairs needed on a new vehicle which has been very kindly donated to me.

If you’d like to buy something of mine and fund the car, please do feel free. The instruments are on eBay. The bouzouki and the guitar aren’t as vital to the family as having a working car, and I’m not much of a guitarist anyway. Much more important to be Dad’s taxi, and the new motor is a bigger more powerful animal.

2014-04-30 20.26.17

Barring further mechnical failure on my part or the car’s, we’ll be back to normal in the next few days.


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