Setting things up for the new year

[Obligatory egocentric end of year post.]

It’s drawing to the end of 2015, and what have I achieved?

I’ve run. Two half marathons, a couple of 10K races (not that I’m particularly competitive) and several Parkruns.

I’ve worked. I’m happy to report I have a contract working in a job I love and I’m very close to six months in.

I’ve played some brilliant music. Mostly in the company of talented colleagues who enjoyed it as much as I did.

Earlier this year I wrote a post outlining five key aims. I’ve accomplished them all to differing extents. Overall, I’d give 2015 7/10 I think.

The same aims apply to 2016:

  • More family time
  • Enjoy more exercise
  • Play more music
  • Read more books
  • Remember the highs

I’ve already picked up the second again. After a few months of less activity and not minding too much about my diet, I’m back in harness to tackle a big run in the summer. I did two miles this morning and apart from the odd twinge in my ankle I think it’ll be OK. The beer will be the next thing to go I suspect, and maybe I’ll cut down on the food a bit to help, and be quite a bit fitter by July.

Have a safe and pleasant weekend, and enjoy the new year. Cheers!

2015-12-28 21.44.11



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